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Mobile Broadband

FlashNet - Internet in your pocket

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About Vodafone FlashNet.

FlashNet is Vodafone’s shared Mobile Broadband Internet service - the fastest and simplest way to go online. FlashNet is available on Vodafone’s New G Network within coverage areas, from Lami to Nausori corridor, selected parts of Pacific Harbour, Deuba, Coral Coast, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba Town, Tavua Town and Rakiraki Town areas.  FlashNet is a user friendly product.  Simply plug it into any USB port of your computer and follow the instructions. It’s Super Simple, Super Easy and Super Fast. It can be most simply described as Internet in your Pocket.

FlashNet gives you the flexibility to go online on the go or when you are out and about or even at home.  It’s a complete wireless solution.  FlashNet provides you with complete freedom on your data communication needs. You can be in the park, in the office, at different client locations and you can still download your favorite music, stay in touch with the latest news and even send and receive those important emails.

Vodafone’s FlashNet uses the same technology as your mobile phone, except instead of making a voice call from your mobile, you are making a data connection from your computer to the Internet via the data SIM card in your FlashNet modem. Vodafone’s FlashNet works on both Apple Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems (not compliant with Servers).

What is FlashNet?

It is a shared mobile broadband service from Vodafone. FlashNet will change the
broadband paradigm in Fiji by combining high-speed Internet access with the flexibility and freedom of mobility. FlashNet will provide a truly viable alternative to customers and powered by Vodafone’s New G Network, FlashNet will provide a much better, faster and simpler way to access the Internet, whether it is for fun, play or work.

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