Introducing Vodafone's WaqaSAT - Satellite Internet for Maritime

Cost-effective high-capacity bandwidth for seafaring vessels - whether you're on a cruise ship, ferry, fishing boat or diving live-abroad.



Our service maintains a reliable network across vast areas of ocean within our satellite beams, providing consistent communications even in rough seas, using next-generation Kacific's satellite technology. Voda-WaqaSat Internet Solution for Maritime easily provides speeds of over 50 Mbps on a ship, with straightforward payment models. Tailored packages can be adapted to suit your needs and scaled to provide an excellent service for your fleet.

  • Reliable, high-speed broadband
  • Connectivity even in rough seas
  • Scalable



Why Vodafone Satellite Internet?

Vodafone brings business class satellite internet solution coupled with improved performance, lower operating costs, enhanced reliability & customer satisfaction.


How does it work?
Regions Covered

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