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Roaming Guide

What you need to take with you:

• This handy guide

• Your mobile manual

• Your mobile phone charger/adapter

Selecting the Network whilst roaming

Upon arrival, you will connect to the local network within 30 seconds of switching your mobile on. This will happen if you are in an area of coverage.

Manual selection of the network allows you to choose the available network of your choice. (Ref steps for manual selection). This allows you to choose the network for which there are less call / text charges. (Ref charges while roaming)

Automatic network selection will lock your handset to the first or strongest available signal that your phone can detect, for this reason; you may have different charges on your bill due to your roaming on not more than just one network in your country of visit.

For some handsets, the network needs to be selected manually.

Here are the instructions for manually selecting the network for most handsets:

Click on MenuClick on the Settings icon
Go to SettingsScroll & select Carrier
Click on Mobile NetworksTurn the slider off for your iPhone to scan for available networks
Click on Network OperatorsWhen your iPhone is done scanning, a list of available networks will be listed
You can either have the option to Select Automatically or, Search Networks to find the network that you want 

Voda-roam bundle(s)

Since many of our customers frequently travel overseas, we have introduced the Voda-Roam Bundle. This allows customers more flexibility with their roaming Voice/SMS & Data packages. There are Daily, Weekly & Monthly Roaming Bundles available. 

To view our Roaming Bundles visit https://www.vodafone.com.fj/business/products-services/roaming-bundles 

How to subscribe to Roaming bundle

The preferred way of subscribing to the bundle is through the MyVodafone App. You can download the app from Apple’s App Store or from Google’s Play Store. Once downloaded, you can use the following screenshots as a guide to subscribe to the bundle:


If you do not have access to the MyVodafone App, you can always use the USSD method to subscribe to the Voda-Roam bundles. You can use the following screenshots to do this:

The Roaming Bundle will be activated once you receive a confirmation SMS. Roaming bundle minutes can be used to make calls back to Fiji, calls within the roaming country and for receiving calls from anywhere. SMS can be used to send SMS anywhere, receiving SMS will be free. 

Data can be used in the country of roaming; daily roaming plans will auto-renew everyday at 12.00 AM FJ time. To opt-out from auto-renewal; you can use the MyVodafone App. Auto-Renewal does not apply to the Monthly and Weekly plans.

Making Calls while Roaming

National and International Calls.

Should you wish to make a call whilst Roaming, it is recommended that you use the prefix ‘+’, this prefix acts as the International Access Code; therefore you do not have to remember all International Access Codes.


Receiving calls while Roaming

You will be billed for receiving calls while overseas. This is due to the caller contacting you will call on your mobile, and since you will be out of the country, the calls will be diverted through to your phone.


Receiving a call from someone in the host country

If someone from the host country calls you, they will need to dial the international dial code and Fiji’s country code.

1. If you’re in the host country and someone in host country wishes to contact you, they will need to dial their International Access Code + 679xxx your mobile number

2. If someone from Fiji wants to call you, they just have to dial your mobile number direct.

Using your Voice-Mail while Roaming

Our new network simplifies accessing your voicemail if you are overseas. You now only need to dial +6799902122 to access your voicemail. Follow the instructions by the operator to access your voicemail. 

While roaming in the host countries you may call Vodafone Fiji Customer Care on +6799902123. A list of our Roaming Partners and their customer contact information can be found below.

Standard Charges while Roaming

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start getting charged for Data Roaming?

For all customers who have pre-approved roaming access, data roaming will be activated automatically. All other customers need to request for data roaming access in order for this service to be activated. Normal credit vetting applies and some customers may be required to pay a deposit. 


How does Data Roaming work?

When roaming, the customer is connected to the Vodafone Fiji network and accesses services through the partner network he/she is logged on in the foreign country. Whenever you use your mobile abroad (for voice or data) you are using the partner network and Vodafone Fiji network. 


What is Voda-roam bundle?

Voda-roam is a new roaming bundle offering by Vodafone Fiji Ltd which can be subscribed to by dialing *100# whilst roaming. Voda-roam offers 6 plans which can be utilized for calling back to Fiji, receiving calls and making calls within the roaming (host) country. The 6 plans available have 4 options for Daily Roaming Plans, 1 Weekly Roaming Plan and 1 Monthly Plan. Refer to Table 1 for the benefits allocated and prices. 


How can I subscribe to the roaming bundle?

Roaming activation is required for Postpay customers prior to travelling overseas.  


Whom is the bundle applicable to?

Voda-roam bundle is applicable to all Postpay customers. 


Which countries is Voda-roam applicable to?
What are the rates if I do not subscribe to the bundle?

You will be billed depending on which country you are travelling to. Please refer to the Prices and Zoning table. 


What rates apply for calls to other International countries except Fiji from the roaming country?

Calls to other countries are charged as per the rates mentioned in the above rates table billed per minute. 


How are the minutes deducted from the bundle?

Minutes are deducted on per minute basis. This means that if a call lasts for 45 seconds, your available minutes will be deducted by 1 minute. 


How are SMS deducted from the bundle?

SMS is deducted in decrements of 1. Receiving SMS is free. 


Is the plan set to auto-renew itself every day?

There are 4 Daily Voda-Roam bundles which auto-renew everyday at 12:00 AM Fiji Time. If you wish to un-subscribe from the auto-renewal process you will need to manually un-subscribe either by using the MyVodafone App or by using *100# on USSD. 
The Weekly and Monthly Voda-Roam bundles do not auto-renew. 

How long is the subscription valid for?

All benefits in the Daily Voda-Roam bundles expire at 12:00 AM Fiji Time. All benefits in the Weekly Voda-Roam bundle expires from 7 days from time of subscription; benefits in the Monthly Voda-Roam bundle expires 30 days from time of subscription. 
There is no rollover of bundled benefits. 

How do I opt out of the bundle?

You can opt-out of the bundle whilst in the Roaming Country by using the MyVodafone App or by dialing *100# and selecting Option 2.


Do I need to un-subscribe the plan when I arrive back to Fiji?

No. The system will automatically un-subscribe your plan when you are back in Fiji. 


What happens when I travel from a country listed in the bundle to a country not listed in the bundle [except for Fiji]?

Your bundle will be deactivated when you are arrive and register to a network in another country. You will be charged the default rates. 


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