Anytime Lite


Monthly Price (VIP)
750 GB
Anytime Supa


Monthly Price (VIP)
1000 GB
Anytime Mega


Monthly Price (VIP)
2000 GB
Anytime Ultra


Monthly Price (VIP)
3000 GB
Anytime Freedom


Monthly Price (VIP)
4000 GB


Terms and Conditions

  • Flix Plans are available to Postpaid Vodafone Broadband customer only.
  • FREE pocket Wi-Fi or Router available on 24 months contract depending on plan chosen.
  • Data is divided into peak period, off-peak period, and Bonus Data.
  • Peak period is from 7am to 11pm Monday to Friday.
  • Off-peak period is from 11.01pm to 6.59am Monday to Friday and 11.01pm Friday to 6.59am Monday.
  • Streaming Data is allocated for use by the following apps & websites for streaming and video conferencing purpose: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts/Meet.
  • Subscription to access MS Teams, Skype Out, Zoom, Google Hangouts/Meet, Netflix and Amazon Prime content is not included in this data package.
  • Accessing Netflix, Amazon Prime, MS Teams, Skype Out, Zoom, Google Hangouts/Meet requires a positive Peak/Off-Peak data balance.
  • Content such as ads, authentication and app analytics are excluded and will be deducted from any Peak/Off-Peak available data balance.
  • Data top-up options are available after data is exhausted.
  • Plan is inclusive of VAT.
  • New Data balance may not reflect accurately on the MyVodafone App.
  • For more information, please contact Customer Care on 124 (Free) or 123 (Charged), or visit our website

Anytime Data Top-up Packs

Top Up Packs (GB)

Price (VIP)

Total (GB)

2 $5.28 2
10 $21.10 10
20 $31.65 20
40 $42.20 40
100 $105.50 100


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