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13th August 2021


Increasing Demand for Contactless and Cashless Payment.


The many restrictions posed by the COVID pandemic has forced many businesses to reimagine their businesses’ models and reengineer business processes to continue to remain relevant and accessible to their customers. One thing that has clearly stood out is businesses that had invested in digital platforms and technology have certainly been able to ride out the COVID wave much better.


One of the businesses that is a living testament to success through digitalization is Vodafone Fiji and its digital wallet – M-PAiSA. It’s M-PAiSA QR pay has recorded a phenomenal 2000% percent growth in the last 12 months compared to a year ago. Similarly, inward remittances from around the world directly into M-PAiSA now accounts for approximately 26% of all personal remittances into the country and in July recorded its highest single month inward remittances of $15.35m.


The M-PAiSA digital payment platform now processes over $100m in transactions every month. Through the M-PAiSA mobile wallet, individuals are able to send money to anyone in Fiji at zero fee. They can also receive money from families abroad securely and within seconds, purchase top-up and data for their mobile phone, top-up their eTransport cards and make cashless payment over the counter or remotely to over 900 businesses outlets Fiji wide. In just one year, the number of businesses adopting M-PAiSA has grown from 40 businesses to 330 businesses. This is a 725% increase and highly impressive growth by any measure. Clearly, digital is the way to go.


According to Gartner, a global research and advisory company, one major concern for consumers during this pandemic is the overall hygiene and cleanliness of their physical surroundings. As a result, cashless and contactless payments have quickly taken off exponentially as a replacement for handling cash. Of the consumers surveyed more than 80% responded saying they’d be willing to do more on-premise shopping if contactless payments were made available rather than handling cash. This is quite an insightful piece of information for businesses if they wish to attract more instore customers.


Among the customers that have already adopted the M-PAiSA contactless payment is Fiji Eats, an online food ordering and delivery platform, operating out of Nadi. Mr. Shaneel Chandra, Fiji Eats Director, said: “Our Partnership with Vodafone M-Paisa has greatly supported us in becoming Fiji’s premier online Food Ordering and Delivery Service.”


The M-PAiSA contactless and remote payment method allows customers to pay for their food faster, more conveniently and securely than ever before. Users simply have to download the Fiji Eats application, choose the restaurant of their choice, the food they want, and authorize a secure payment using their secure PIN on the M-PAiSA mobile app. The payment is received by Fiji Eats in real time and order placed with the respective restaurant and delivered within 30 to 45 minutes.


Head of Vodafone eCommerce & Corporate Affairs, Mr. Shailendra Prasad said, “M-PAiSA is driving the cashless revolution in the country because it offers greater convenience, safer payment option and much less health risk during this pandemic for the users as well as businesses.” With over $100m processed through M-PAiSA and growing every month, it is a significant player in Fiji’s financial system. It is now a payment option that is a business imperative to monetize every sale that comes their way and specially for the more tech savvy and “on the go” consumer.


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