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Satellite Internet Solutions for Maritime

3rd September 2021


Vodafone Fiji has launched yet another innovative service. “WaqaSAT” is Vodafone’s satellite internet connectivity solution designed to provide cost effective and reliable internet connectivity for maritime vessels, operating within Fijian waters and beyond.

The sea remains a vital means of transportation for travel and trade through inter-island shipping in Fiji and the Pacific. Today, in most parts of the world, telecommunications and internet are regarded as essential services. Vodafone’s WaqaSAT will keep seafarers connected, whilst they are out at sea. Covering the bleak areas of the map has never seemed more fitting, allowing friends and family to be in contact with loved ones and sharing experience in real time.

WaqaSAT is designed to offer high-speed internet connectivity for browsing the web, uploading photos, streaming videos, downloading content and most importantly, another avenue to connect during emergencies.

Powered by Kacific Satellites, the solution is a new addition to the portfolio of Vodafone’s satellite-based solutions, delivered through reliable satellite internet beams throughout Fiji. The setup is simple and cost effective, thereby making this highly affordable and accessible. A special satellite dish, purposefully designed for maritime operations is installed on the vessel, with auto polling antennas to stay connected to satellite beams, providing consistent internet connectivity. Vodafone provides end to end complementary solution to extend Wi-Fi coverage throughout the vessel and to connect to other equipment onboard.

This could become the seafarers, vessel owners and travelers most important service.

After successfully deploying the community Wi-Fi solution in Namosi and other remote parts of Fiji earlier this year, WaqaSAT adds to another milestone for Vodafone Fiji. The community Wi-Fi solution continues its positive ripple throughout remote villages and communities in geographically challenging locations, where traditional means of internet connectivity don’t reach. Vodafone understands that connectivity has become an essential enabler for change in today’s digitally driven ecosystem. We continue  to invest  and employ various technologies to connect more Fijians every day.

Ronald Prasad, Vodafone’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “We are consistently looking at innovative ways to enrich peoples’ lives. We understand that access to internet is crucial for both businesses and customers. While majority Fijians are within cellular coverage areas, there are some still unconnected in remote areas. Our investment in satellite-based technology is geared towards bridging the digital divide and help connect the remaining 4% of the population.

Kacific’s Chief Commercial officer, Brandon Seir said, “Kacific’s Maritime & Offshore connectivity service was created to offer cost-effective, high-speed broadband for seafaring vessels, providing consistent communications across large swathes of oceans within our satellite beams’ coverage. We are excited to work with Vodafone Fiji, who are focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions through innovation and vigor.”

This next generation satellite technology is capable of delivering speeds of 50Mbps per vessel, deploy Gigabyte plans, unlimited data plans and Wi-Fi voucher system. Vodafone has a range of plans to suit every spectrum of vessels and businesses. There has never been a better time to talk to Vodafone for a reliable maritime internet solution.



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