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Value Added Services for your Business

10th September 2021

The global pandemic has accelerated the pace of businesses digitally transforming to remain relevant and accessible to its customers. Digital platforms with cashless and remote payment platforms are opening new opportunities for businesses to monetize products and services that can be offered digitally. Effective communication remains key to drawing and retaining customers for repeat business. However, today, more savvy and informed consumers are constantly asking the question “what more have you got to offer”? Hence, value addition and what extra you can provide either as part of the tangible product or as an after sales service is an important consideration for customer’s in their purchase decision.

For many businesses, keeping in touch with its customers and ensuring effective communication about product updates, new product release, customer feedback and support and even the mundane tasks of collection follow-ups can be quite cumbersome. Fortunately, enough, there are many lucrative means of addressing these issues through leading and innovative technologies offered by Vodafone Fiji. Through its Value-Added Services, Vodafone Fiji has been at the forefront in offering its business customers innovative ways to keep in touch with its customers, leveraging these services resulting in having a competitive edge over competitors and providing exceptional experience to its customers.

Going above and beyond in order to keep in touch with customers can provide many opportunities for businesses and can open up and identify new customer segments and business improvementsthat were previously not known. Vodafone Fiji’s Value Added Services (VAS) provides businesses with the agility to remain abreast with customer needs ensuring that both satisfaction and experience is achieved.

Vodafone VAS Services is available to all types and sizes of businesses and service organisations. Some of the VAS Services includes A2P (application-to-person) Messaging or Bulk Messaging Solution, Voice Short Code & Toll-Free Lines and Corporate CRBT (caller ring back tone) to name a few. A2P Messaging is a cost effective, relevant solution for businesses to optimize communication with their customers and for a wide reach whereas Short Code & Toll-Free Lines help businesses to create convenience for customers with an easy to remember short code attached to a company’s contact number which customers can easily dial. The Corporate CRBT creates a cost-effective advertising platform in the default ringing space for businesses.

Among the businesses which have adopted Vodafone’s VAS Services is Energy Fiji Limited. “Vodafone’s Bulk messaging solution has helped in a major way to disseminate this information efficiently to all EFL customers and the general public. Through the bulk messaging solution our team is able to send personalized messages to customers advising them on any outstanding amount and advice as to where this can be settled,” said Mrs Annabel Ducia - General Manager Customer Services at Energy Fiji Limited.


Vodafone together with its team of local expertise has been instrumental especially during these uncertain times which has brought the flexibility and agility of its business customers and are always ready to help with a wide range of skillsets and infrastructure at its disposal” said Vodafone Head of Corporate Affairs, Mr Shailendra Prasad.


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