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2nd July 2021


For businesses with digital transformation on the agenda, finding the right service provider to help them with their SD-WAN deployments can be a game-changer. Vodafone Fiji and Aryaka Networks have partnered to form a technology alliance, offering the flexibility and simplicity that enterprises and global organizations need in today’s fast-evolving business environment. With fully managed Cloud-First WAN and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) services, Vodafone Fiji continues to expand its comprehensive ICT solutions portfolio to provide more options in the SD-WAN space.


Shifting to the cloud is a smart way to ensure your business stays current and competitive. Customers in Fiji are looking for better application performance, multi-cloud connectivity, and security for their networks. The corporate networks are seeing growing adoption of cloud platforms that are hosted primarily in Sydney and Singapore for the Asia Pacific region. For businesses in the Pacific islands and remote locations, bandwidth and  latency have always been critical to application performance.


Vodafone SD-WAN is designed precisely for applications operating in the cloud and has service nodes located close to its cloud tenants. This helps unlock benefits such as optimization and acceleration of these cloud applications to benefit customers in terms of optimal application performance.


“Our goal is to continue helping businesses in Fiji with their digital transformation journey. This latest variant of SD-WAN solution is specifically designed to provide unparalleled customer experience and benefits in terms of flexibility, reliability and  performance for cloud hosted applications” , said Ronald Prasad, Chief Commercial Officer of Vodafone Fiji. 


Lisette Sens, Director of Channel at Aryaka Networks said, “We are pleased to partner with Vodafone to offer best in class industry solutions to help businesses modernize legacy and complex systems to take advantage of multi cloud environments”.


Vodafone customers who have adopted this solution have noticed significant improvement in performance  of their cloud applications. This is made possible through the pre-wired connectivity (multi cloud optimized points of presence), established to preferred infrastructure, platform and software as a service providers. Customers who use cloud applications from AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, Alibaba and the likes will benefit immensely from improved performance, security and reduced bandwidth requirements. It provides an edge over skills gap and limited budgets that usually hold innovation in the business IT space. The cloud first WAN solution combines global, regional and last mile connectivity, leveraging layer 2 backbone that supports multiple internet connectivity options. The solution is easy to setup, simple, flexible and provides visibility through various insights on WAN utilization, users and applications.


Take it from our Enterprise customers that have adopted this solution. Market Development Facility (MDF), an Australian Government funded multi-country initiative, which promotes sustainable economic development in key sectors of Agriculture, Tourism, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise have seen the value of Vodafone’s SDWAN solution. Sheron Subhasni, the Operations Manager for MDF said “We rely heavily on cloud applications such as Office 365 to run our operations smoothly, however we’ve always had performance issues, until now. Vodafone’s SD-WAN solution provided us direct connectivity to Office 365, improving traffic optimization, ensuring our employees can operate efficiently. We have seen bandwidth optimization resulting in improved speed and stability, which are critical to our operations”.


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