Fake/Fabricated M-PAiSA SMS Messages


M-PAISA M-PAiSA Scam and awareness Page2

Scammers send “genuine looking” SMS messages to random mobile numbers stating that they have received funds via M-PAiSA. The scammer then calls the person to whom the message is sent to say they sent money by mistake and requests the person to transfer the amount back to the scammer number when in fact they never sent the money.

How to verify it’s not a scam?

  • Always check the number from which you received the SMS. Genuine M-PAiSA messages are sent only from 181
  • Check if your M-PAiSA account balance increased by the amount in the message
  • Confirm the transaction in your transaction history and verify the receipt number.
  • Seek confirmation from Customer Service (123, 124, or 125 for Post-pay customers) to validate the legitimacy of the transaction if not sure.
  • Follow the above steps to avoid being scammed.

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