Prepay Terms & Conditions

By signing this Customer Registration Form I acknowledge that:

  1. I am registering for Vodafone Fiji's services subject to the Conditions of Use as stipulated here below.
  2. You agree that by signing on this form electronically you are deemed to have provided your consent and authority for your signature to be captured in such a manner and that your signature hereon constitutes your signature, acceptance and agreement as if actually signed by you in writing. You understand and agree that your signature hereon executed in conjunction with the electronic submission of your application shall be legally binding and such transaction shall be considered authorized by you.
  3. I may only register once for the M-PAiSA service and can hold one M-PAiSA account only.
  4. I agree to pay the tariffs applicable for use of the M-PAiSA services and authorize Vodafone to deduct the tariffs payable by me from my M-PAiSA account from the date of signing hereof.
  5. I have viewed a copy of the tariffs currently applicable and agree that Vodafone reserves the right to amend the tariffs from time to time.
  6. I have been informed that I may view the updated list of tariffs at the M-PAiSA Agents outlet or via the Vodafone website on .
  7. I have an active Vodafone Fiji and/or Inkk SIM Card. I hereby warrant that the MSISDN (as defined overleaf) is my mobile number and that I am able to register and procure M-PAiSA services through this number.
  8. I agree that the information I have provided as proof of my identity and age in order to register is true and correct.
  9. I have been advised to seek independent advice on the terms herein and Conditions of Use.
  10. I understand the contents of this Customer Registration Form and the Conditions of Use for M-PAiSA services.
  11. I agree that the Customer Registration Form and Conditions of Use constitutes the entire and binding agreement between me and Vodafone Fiji.
  12. Your mobile number always remains the property of Vodafone Fiji. Should your mobile number become dormant/inactive, Vodafone has the right to recycle the number and re-issue to another customer. In suchinstances, if you have provided your number to a third party such as a bank for SMS banking or other such services, the onus is on you to inform the respective third party to stop sending any information about your account to the recycled number. Vodafone shall not take any responsibility for any liability or loss sustained as a result of your number being recycled.

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