POS Upgrade Scam Calls


POS upgrading to 5G2


Scammers, claiming to be Vodafone staff, call M-PAiSA agents lying about upgrading their POS machines or fixing network issues. During the process, they ask the agent to press a few buttons on the POS and follow steps given by the scammer, which results in the agent doing a deposit transaction to the scammer's mobile number/M-PAiSA account.

How to verify it’s not a scam?

  • Vodafone will communicate all official upgrades in writing and may personally visit for such activities. POS upgrade instructions are NEVER given over the phone by Vodafone.
  • Any person claiming to be from Vodafone must present a company ID for verification.
  • Confirm any upgrade activity with your distributor or known contact person before acting on instructions over the phone.
  • Vodafone will never ask agents over a call to deposit funds into personal mobile numbers. For all deposit transactions in M-PAiSA, the customer must first hand over cash to the agent and must be present in person.
  • Check with managers or supervisors for official communication regarding upgrades if the caller claims to have spoken to the shop owner/manager/supervisor.

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