M-PAiSA International Money Transfer Outwards


International Money Transfer FAQ

M-PAiSA International Money Transfer Outwards T&Cs

1. You must be registered M-PAISA User

2. Register separately for the International Money Transfer service and submit required details and ID documents.

3. You can send a maximum of $2,000 per person per year without Reserve Bank of Fiji approval.

4. You can either send $2,000 at once, or in multiple smaller amounts provided you do not exceed FJD$2,000 in any one calendar year.

5. Sender Fees apply.

6. The service is available only through the M-PAiSA App

7. M-PAiSA to M-Vatu (Vanuatu) is the only International Money Transfer service currently enabled.

8. The FJD amount will be converted in equivalent amount in beneficiary home currency and sent to their mobile wallet.

9. Minimum send amount is FJD$25

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