eTransport FAQs


How do I get my new eTransport Card?

If you are a regular traveler, you should register for a permanent eTransport Card at any authorized Vodafone retail outlet. Mr. Mobile outlet, Valufone outlet and eTransport roadshow location. To obtain a permanent eTransport Card,  you must provide a valid form of identification (i.e. drivers license,  passport, FNPF/FRCS  Joint Card, Voter Registration Card or birth certificate).  

How much do I need to pay for my permanent card?

Your first card  is provided free  of charge, first replacement cards  will also be free of charge.  Thereafter, car replacements will cost $5.00. 


How do I pay my fare using my permanent eTransport Card?

To pay for your bus fare, you first need to tell the bus driver your destination. Once the driver enters the number of stage(s) you are travelling, you will be asked to tap your eTransport Card against the Point-Of-Sale(POS) machine in the bus. Once the fare is paid, the POS machine will print a ticket which will state the number of stage(s) you are travelling and the amount of the fare, along with your remaining balance.

How do I top up my permanent card?


To top  up your  card, you will need to visit an authorized Vodafone Top Up agent. You can pay cash over the counter to top  up your Transport Card and you will then receive a receipt that confirms the amount you've paid and the new  balance of your  card. 

I registered for an eTransport Card prior to 29 July 2017. Do I need to get a new card?

Yes, you need to register for a new card. As of 1st October, buses only accept the new permanent eTransport Cards. 

If I purchase a disposable card what happens to any balance remaining?

Any balance remaining on your disposable card will be refunded to you in cash. You will need to visit any Vodafone retail or authorized agent outlet with your disposable cards and a valid ID to get a refund before the card expires (30 days after being issued). 

What if the balance on my card is too low to get to my destination?

Yes. Your eTransport Card will be valid on any public bus in Fiji, provided it is topped up with the proper balance for your trip. 

Can my eTransport card be used in other buses apart from the bus which services our area?

Yes. Your eTransport Card will be valid on any public bus in Fiji, provided it is topped up with the proper balance for your trip. 

I am assisted with travel by the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation. Do I need to get an eTransport Card too?

Yes. The Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation has stopped issuing  travel  vouchers. 

You will need  an eTransport Card  to travel  on the  bus if you wish to enjoy the concession fare. You will need to check with the Ministry of Social Welfare on where and how to get your eTransport Card.  All persons receiving social welfare travel concessions. Including persons living with disabilities, the elderly and senior citizens should visit the nearest Ministry of Social Welfare office to obtain a concession eTransport  Card.

l am a student assisted with travel by the Ministry of Education. Do I also require an eTransport Card?

Yes, The Ministry of  Education is only issuing travel vouchers for  certain areas of  Fiji that are serviced by mini-buses  and carriers  to travel  students to major fairways. 

All students who are travelling on public buses will receive eTransport Cards that they must use to enjoy concession fares. Bus operators will allow all students to travel with or without their cards until the eTransport Card distribution process is completed.

What happens if lose my eTransport Card?

You  can  report a lost or stolen card to Vodafone to protect your unused balance. You can then obtain a replacement card at any authorized Vodafone outlet. Any unused balance on the missing card will be transferred to your new card. 

Can I block my eTransport Card so that no one uses it?

You  can  request   a block   for  your   card  for  any  reason. To  block  a card,  you can  visit any  authorized Vodafone  outlet or call toll-free number 151(for any network users). Agents will be able to block the card following a verification process. 

What happens If I was charged an incorrect fare? What do I need to do?

When boarding the bus, check the fare when the driver enters the stage to see  that  it is correct. Also,  be  sure  to  only  tap  your  card  at  the POS once; multiple attempts of tapping your card may incur extra fares being deducted.

If you think that you have been overcharged, please keep your receipt and advise the driver. You can sort refunds from the respective Bus Company with  the copy of your receipt  as evidence  of an overcharged bus fare. You will have to go through a verification  process prior  to being refunded.

Will I be paying more in bus fares now?

NO. The bus fares will remain the same. However, fares will be no longer  be rounded off in the eTicketing system. For example, the $1.18 stage two fare will be charged exactly rather than be rounded up to $1.20.

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Customers must bring a valid ID for registration. You can also provide Police ID, Reference Letter or Military ID for registration. All senior citizens and persons with disabilities need to check with the nearest Ministry of Social Welfare Office to get a concession or exempt eTransport Card. If you are a Student, you wiII need to check with the Ministry of Education or your school on where and how to get your eTransport Card. For more information visit any Vodafone authorized outlets or call toll-free number 151 (for any network users) or visit 

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