Repair Agents / Service CentersLocationAddressContactAuthorised Service Brands
ValuefoneSuva41 Waimanu Rd3300072 / 5181Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneSuvaShop 5 Post Office9988800Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneSuvaMHCC Complex (INKK Shop)8480777Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneNausoriMain Street, Nausori9988820Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneLautoka14 Naviti Street9988814Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneBaShop 2, H.B. Maneklal Building9998825Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneTavuaShop 2, H.B. Patel Building9998849Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneRakirakiShop 2, G.S. Prasad & Sons Building9998856Huawei & ZTE
ValuefoneSavusavuBeside Bus, Carrier & Taxi Stand9996699Huawei & ZTE
FoneologySuva6 Harper Place, Off Reservoir Rd3319955 / 9999042Samsung, Alcatel, Aiya, Xiaomi
iCenterSuvaShop 1, 190 Foster Rd, Walubay8928300 Apple
Mr MobileNadiMain St, Nadi6728350Oppo & Nokia

  • Warranty on purchased devices will be deemed void in the event of unauthorized unlocking of software, hardware, unauthorized software upgrade, liquid or physical damage.
  • Vodafone have no ruling over manufacturer’s warranty or repair agents.
  • For all devices under warranty, customers can visit any Vodafone Retail outlets to have their devices sent to authorised repair centre for inspection.
  • For all devices out of warranty, customers can visit any Vodafone Retail outlets OR check-in personally at an authorised service centres listed above. All out of warranty inspection will incur an inspection fee.

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