M-PAiSA Account Security Upgrade


Monday, 31st July, 2023

Vodafone Fiji advises its M-PAiSA users that it has implemented a new M-PAISA account security measure to protect users from unauthorised access to their accounts. This is a necessary security upgrade after recent reports of increased incidences of M-PAiSA customers being targeted by scammers.


“This upgrade will provide an added layer of security to the registered M-PAiSA Account holder by ensuring only their verified mobile device and number linked to the M-PAiSA App can access their M-PAiSA Account. This is an essential security upgrade to protect M-PAiSA users’ funds and prevent fraudulent access to their accounts”, said Vodafone Fiji’s Regional Chief Marketing Officer, Rajnesh Prasad.


Once the new security update is installed, only the initial login into the M-PAiSA App requires the user to have their registered Vodafone or INKK SIM present on their phone. “Because the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements from RBF for financial services are fulfilled through the customer registration details linked to their SIM card and helps authenticate a genuine user of the MPAiSA account,” said Mr Prasad.


He further clarified that data balance is not required for the initial login process because the M-PAiSA App has been zero-rated for data charges from day one. This means the app is available for free to Vodafone and INKK users. Data on the SIM card attached to the mobile needs to be turned on for the initial login after the upgrade so that the MPAISA App can access the device and SIM card account details for authentication. Once the M-PAiSA account registered with the SIM is authenticated on the mobile device, the user can use data from any service provider including Wifi to access the M-PAiSA App. However, for receiving OTP sent via SMS, the M-PAiSA SIM must be present on the device.


Customers have been provided with a step-by-step guide through SMS and social media on how to upgrade to the new security feature on their MPAISA App. The new security upgrade has been rolled out to 10% of our customer base currently and the upgrade success rate is at 99.9%. This new security update will be further rolled out to the whole customer base in due course.


Dear M-PAiSA User, update your M-PAiSA App for added account security.



  1. Make sure your M-PAISA registered SIM is present on the phone
  2. Turn on mobile data on an M-PAISA-registered SIM
  3. Turn Wi-Fi-OFF (only for login)
  4. In the case of dual SIM phones, please turn on mobile data on the registered SIM card from your M-PAiSA account only. (There are no data charges)
  5. Continue Login with OTP for account verification


Once you have logged in successfully you can use data from any service provider including Wi-Fi to access the M-PAiSA App.


For further information contact:
Media RelationsHead of E-Commerce
fozia.muktar@vodafone.com.fj shailendra.prasad@vodafone.com.fj

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