The 2023 Vodafone Fiji Fiji National Chess Championship will bring together some of the finest masterminds from various parts of Fiji at 019-104A (H104A) at The University of the South Pacific in Suva from December 16-20. With over 40 participants in the Vodafone Fiji National Under-20 Chess Championship last weekend, the inclusion of veterans and ex-Olympiad reps will increase the turnout to record levels.


Vodafone Fiji is proudly sponsoring trophies and category prizes for Open, Women, Primary School, and Secondary School, including special awards for newcomers under Best Beginner and the Best Upset Award which is given to players who defeat opponents with a significant World Chess Federation (FIDE) Rating difference

“As far as I can recall, the upcoming National Chess Championship will be one of the largest events in recent years,” states General Secretary Goru Arvind. “It is mostly due to the number of young and upcoming chess players from Primary and Secondary Schools whose learning curve is improving exponentially. It will be 45 hours of chess across 5 days with 90 minutes plus 30 seconds per move.”

Defending National Champion and Candidate Master (CM) Taione Sikivou will face a volley of opponents including ex-National reps like top-seed CM Manoj Kumar, CM Ronald Terubea, Prashil Prakash, Prashant Sarup, Provisional FIDE Master (FM) Rudr Ravi Prasad, Provisional Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Tanvi Radha Prasad of Jai Narayan College, WCM Gloria Sukhu, Yash Krishen Maharaj and Provisional WCM Cydel Terubea apart from wildcard players like Adarsh Kartik Maharaj, Ashwin Singh and Jun Adricula who can be very deadly on the day.

Upcoming Under-20 chess players like Yifan Xing of Swami Vivekananda College, Luis Corpuz of Gurukul Primary School, Latileta Masau of Dudley Intermediate School, Useli Herath of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Primary School, Michael Samuela of Marist Brother's High School, Yajas Sharma of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Primary School, Kaelan Sharma of Yat Sen Primary School, Yash Prasad of Deenbandhoo Memorial Primary School, Lewis Koroi of Gospel High School, Makayla Sukhu of Suva Grammar School, Zayne Elmond Keshwan of Jai Narayan College, Kartik Chandra of Vunimono High School, and Lionel Vaurasi of Yat Sen Primary School will increase the intensity of play and challenge all known veterans in the tournament.

“The tournament will be a complete firecracker with no clear and predictable winner,” adds Goru Arvind. “Online platforms like YouTube chess tutorials and engines like StockFish at chess.com  have opened up the way we learn the sport, and every single player is capable of coaching themselves into the National Chess Team in the future.”

The biggest achievement for 2023 is seeing a lot of younger players from Primary and Secondary school improve in their level of chess," adds Goru Arvind. "Looking at how the tournament shaped up, we will surely feature a number of new National reps in the upcoming 2024 World Chess Olympiad at Budapest in Hungary. Exciting finish to the year with tremendous hope for the next one.

Writing of moves will be compulsory for all categories, whereby players will follow the internationally accepted drill of making a move, pressing the clock, and writing the chess notation.

This tournament will be adjudicated by the National Arbiter (NA), William Robert Raymond Bennion.

All interested chess players must report to 019-104A (H104A) at The University of the South Pacific in Suva by 08:30 AM on Saturday 16 December.


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