Affordable Smartphone to Assist COVID Tracing

The Permanent Secretary for Health has stressed the importance of careFiji App in contact tracing and early detection of possible COVID-19 cases in Fiji.  He has emphasized on numerous occasions on the need for people to download the app and keep Bluetooth active on their devices to ensure that in the event of COVID-19 positive case being identified in the community, Ministry of Health is able to quickly contact trace the persons who may have come in contact with the affected.

Additionally, the Ministry for Commerce, Trade, Tourism & Transport is working with the Ministry of Economy and other key stakeholders to roll out a set of COVID safe business guidelines and practices, which will help businesses progressively open during this period. To support this, the Ministry is working with Digital Fiji in developing a QR Scan feature on the careFiji App, which should be rolled out in the next couple of weeks. This will require customers to have a smartphone with the careFiji app enabled to access essential and approved non-essential services, including shopping at supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.

To support these Government initiatives, Vodafone Fiji Pte Ltd has stepped in to help by providing smartphones at heavily subsidized prices.  This is to ensure people who may need to go out and about in public places to conduct their daily chores have a smartphone with careFiji App installed and active to help assist in the Government’s fight against COVID-19.

Accordingly, Vodafone Fiji is making available for purchase immediately and until stocks last its RUIO Smartphone at only $89 reduced from its normal price of $149 – a discount of 40% or $60 per device. The device is available at all Vodafone, Valuefone and Mr. Moblie and Chicken Express outlets. Additionally, for the convenience of the members of the public these smartphones have also been made available at all major supermarket chains including Shop n Save, New World, Extra Supermarket, and Max Value. 

For those Fijians, who may wish to purchase the device safely from the comfort of their homes and avoid the crowd can visit Vodafone Fiji’s online Vitikart platform or download the Vitikart App to buy online.  Delivery is free and payment can be made using M-PAiSA.  

“This is a time to step up and join hands in national interest to fight a common enemy and help the initiatives of the relevant Ministries and Government” said Mr Pradeep Lal, Regional CEO of Vodafone. It is time we all rise for a common good and eradicate this virus from our community and the country so that we all can get back to living a normal life.

The fight against this virus will require as many people using smartphones in Fiji to have careFiji App active 24 X 7. This will assist fast execution of contact tracing by the Ministry of Health officials so the spread of virus can be contained in the shortest possible time.

“Technology has proven successful for many nations who have advanced well in their fight against COVID-19. Our neighbors Australia and New Zealand have been able to return to some degree of normalcy due to their quick response in embracing the importance of technology in this fight against this pandemic. We have watched firsthand how they have won against this virus and are now hosting major events and sports at almost full crowd capacity” said Mr Lal.

Vodafone is hopeful that people take advantage of this giveaway price on the RUIO Smartphone and fulfill their civic duty as a responsible citizen in helping curb the spread of COVID-19 in Fiji.


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