USP Opens Up M-PAiSA Payment Option for Students


Wednesday, 23rd February, 2023

USP Opens Up M-PAiSA Payment Option for Students


The University of the South Pacific (USP) Laucala Campus has enabled the M-PAiSA mobile payment option for its students across all campuses Fiji-wide.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President Regional Campuses and Global Engagements of USP, Dr Giulio Masasso Tu’ikolongahau Paunga said, “We would like to offer our students greater convenience and flexibility to make their payments from wherever and whenever without the need to queue up at the cashier counters. Access to payments “on the go” through M-PAiSA Mobile Wallet provides students with 24x7 convenience to make all their payments to USP.”

“We are also moving towards a “less cash campus” initiative to reduce cash handling on campus. This ensures that the risks of carrying such large amounts of cash by students and staff are minimised. Student fees can run into thousands of dollars depending on the courses and number of units they undertake and paying them electronically significantly reduces the risk.”

Mobile payments globally are becoming a norm as the benefits of secure cashless payment are realised by businesses and consumers alike. It is efficient, convenient, and much safer and provides an electronic transaction trail for greater accountability and revenue assurance. For USP, the less cash it handles, the better it is for the institution.  With campuses spread across the country, the M-PAiSA payment option increases efficiency and control over USP’s collections and receipts.

USP will enable the M-PAISA QR code as an on-counter payment option as well as the remote payment option whereby students can use the M-PAiSA App to make the payment of their tuition fees or any other fee such as admin fee, library fee at any time and from anywhere.  We hope to also encourage our cashless payment via M-PAISA at restaurants and coffee shops around the campus to make it convenient and safe for students.

Many USP students also receive the TELS allowance directly on their mobile through M-PAiSA. These students will no longer need to cash out their allowance to make payments to USP as they can make payments directly through M-PAiSA. 

Head of Vodafone eCommerce and Digital Financial Services, Mr Shailendra Prasad, said, “For students, M-PAiSA offers many benefits. Firstly, there are no fees and charges for using the M-PAiSA service to pay USP.  It’s a free service. It is available 24x7 without the need to queue up at cashier counters or at the bank.  Students can make all types of payments that are required at USP such as tuition fees, library fees, student admin fees and even make purchases at USP Bookshop.”  They can also pay their water and electricity bills and top up their mobile at any directly from M-PAiSA.

M-PAiSA QR pay is also available at most shops close to USP, such as Cost U Less and Damodar City and McDonalds.

All Vodafone and Inkk mobile users can use the M-PAiSA service simply by downloading the M-PAiSA App. The M-PAiSA App is also zero-rated for data charges which means students will still be able to use the App even if they do not have any data balance on their mobile phones.

Through M-PAiSA QR, students can also pay for their grocery shopping at all major supermarkets, including New World, Shop n Save, MH’s and Extra Supermarket, at no extra cost.

As an introductory offer, students who pay USP via M-PAiSA until 30th March 2023 will receive fee 1 GB fee data on every M-PAiSA payment to USP and go into the draw to win a brand-new iPhone 12 Promax 512 GB.


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