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Wednesday, 22 November, 2023

The 2023 Vodafone Fiji November Rapid Chess Championship is all set to take-off at The University of Fiji Saweni Campus in Lautoka on Saturday 25 November. The tournament is the second of a series of chess tournaments proudly sponsored by Vodafone Fiji to encourage more Primary and Secondary School students to take up one of the most widespread sports in the world that involves 190 countries.

This one-day event will feature 7 rounds played under a timer of 15 minutes plus 5 seconds per move. Vodafone Fiji has boosted the prize pool in various categories for Open, Women, Primary School and Secondary School including special awards for Best Beginner which is allotted to any new public participant or school student who plays in a Fiji Chess Federation (FCF) tournament for the first time.

"We are excited about this upcoming event. We encourage ardent or aspiring chess players from the Western division to join. We look forward to our partnership with Fiji Chess to take this brilliant mind sport to greater heights", says Vodafone's Head of Sponsorship, Adriu Vakarau.

“Excitement among Primary and Secondary School students is growing as the exam season draws to a close,” adds General Secretary Goru Arvind. “Chess is not only a productive way of investing in one’s leisure time in the holidays, but in the long-term, with a lot of hard work, we have even seen players who were in Primary School once churn themselves up into seasoned Fiji National reps in World Chess Olympiads and the Oceania Zonal. We are expecting a record number of youngsters and new players at The University of Fiji this weekend.”

Top seed Candidate Master (CM) Manoj Kumar and National Champion CM Taione Sikivou will be providing stiff competition for the title to other seasoned players like Women’s Candidate Master (WCM) Gloria Sukhu, Provisional FIDE Master (FM) Rudr Ravi Prasad, Provisional WCM Tanvi Radha Prasad of Jai Narayan College, Yash Krishen Maharaj of The University of the South Pacific, CM Ronald Terubea, Provisional WCM Cydel Terubea and Prashil Prakash of Nadi.

“This is a fine opportunity for students from Western schools to join the Fiji Chess Federation and meet many other like-minded players in the sport,” adds Goru Arvind. “Chess is one of the most economical sports as a standard set can cost between $ 20 and $ 50, and last for several decades in our board game collection. From my school experience, I can clearly commend sports as an art that teaches both children and adults the virtues of persistence, resilience, patience, commitment, discipline and unity. Our Federation is always happy to see new players at our events.”

Primary and Secondary school students are expected to travel from various parts of Fiji for the upcoming event which has a prize pool of $ 1000 in several categories.

The tournament will be administered by FIDE Arbiter (FA) Krishneel Nair and FCF Organizer Ravikesh Prasad.

Details of the tournament entry fees and online registration form are available on the official Fiji Chess Federation Facebook page. All interested participants must report to The University of Fiji’s Saweni Campus in Lautoka by 08:30 AM on Saturday to be registered in time for Round 1.


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