Vodafone Fiji Sponsors the 2023 Nadi International Airport Tournament


Thursday, 07 September, 2023


Vodafone Fiji has announced its support for the Nadi International Airport Volleyball Tournament.


Speaking at the media conference, Vodafone’s Head of Recharge and Distribution, Nilesh Singh, said "We are proud to reaffirm our partnership with the Nadi International Airport Volleyball Tournament. This partnership signifies our commitment to sports, the community, and the vibrant spirit of networking, fun and passion with the participating business houses. With over 10 years of support, we continue to foster this long-term partnership with the biggest annual business-house volleyball tournament."


The tournament is a mega-event that draws t over 200 business-house athletes, families, and friends, fostering connections and creating lasting memories. Vodafone Fiji understands the profound impact sports can have on individuals and communities. Sport instils values like discipline, teamwork, and excellence, which resonate deeply with us. It is within this context that we find common ground with the Nadi International Airport Volleyball Tournament, an event that mirrors our efforts to foster networking and unity, he added.


Bulou Lele Vereivalu, Secretary for the Nadi International Airport Volleyball Tournament said, “We are humbled to have Vodafone Fiji onboard again as the major sponsors. Vodafone has supported the tournament for over a decade and sees over 90 organizations participating in the grand volleyball tournament”.


Mr. Singh said “Our belief is that partnerships of this nature can help businesses forge hearty relationships and provide staff with a chance to represent their teams through the tournament, while simultaneously bringing out the Fijian spirit of togetherness and fun through these friendly rivalries. Through our collaboration with the Nadi International Airport Volleyball Tournament, we hope to promote a culture of healthy competition, sportsmanship, and business community engagement.


We see sponsorship not only as an opportunity to forge stronger partnerships but also as a means to contribute and empower our business community. We look forward to exploring avenues for community engagement and initiatives that uplift sports, enable networking, and foster positive experiences."


Ms. Vereivalu reiterated the past year's tournament success and said "We are excited to start registrations for this year’s tournament".


“We are also excited to witness the talents, passion, and sportsmanship that this tournament will undoubtedly showcase," said Singh whilst acknowledging the organizers for their dedication to the tournament over the years.


“Together, we are poised to create yet another event that not only excites and entertains but also contributes to nurturing business community partnerships, networking and maintaining a strong platform for collaboration”.  


The tournament is scheduled for September 30th.



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