Vodafone Accelerates the Drive for Automotive Enthusiasts: Partners with Suva Motor Show


Friday, 13 October, 2023

Vodafone Fiji reaffirms its partnership with the Syndicate for the Mobil and The Syndicate's Motor Show 2023, a prominent platform that celebrates the passion and innovation of automotive hobbyists and car enthusiasts.

Vodafone Fiji supported the car show last year, and both events were huge successes. As the country’s leading digital connectivity provider, we strongly believe in connecting people’s passions. We recognize the growing enthusiasm and dedication of car enthusiasts in the country, says Vodafone’s Regional Chief Marketing Officer Rajnesh Prasad.

This partnership reaffirms our commitment to supporting creative endeavours in the country. We are proud to invest in community-oriented events and initiatives. Vodafone Fiji continues to strategically focus on supporting youth and women's projects, grassroots-level sports and community-engaged events in the country.

Supporting diverse areas of the country will allow us to reach out and engage with the many creative minds out there. We are committed to connecting people and businesses with a mission to empower and enrich lives through our partnerships.

 This collaboration is significant for both organizations and promises to bring unparalleled value to the thriving community of car enthusiasts”, added Prasad.

The motor show has become a hub for all things automotive, providing a platform for passionate hobbyists and car aficionados to showcase their projects, connect with like-minded individuals, and inspire the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.

This year, the motor show promises to be much bigger and we are grateful for Vodafone's continued partnership. And now with major sponsor Mobil, we are confident of putting together a grand show, said Syndicate Motor Show Vice President Ashaf Khan.

Vodafone's partnership with the car show is a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation, celebrating creativity, and building bridges between technology and the hobbies that drive us. An impressive collection of car craftsmanship teams will be on display at the event, which attracts hobbyists, automotive industry representatives, and auto enthusiasts in a festive atmosphere, said Prasad. With over 100 cars participating in the show, this is the first time a car show event will give away $17,000 in cash as a major prize, added Khan.

The motor show venue will be at Constitution Avenue, this Saturday, 14th October.


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