Vodafone Foundation Supports the Initiatives of Charity Partners in the Northern Division





Saturday 23rd July, 2022


Vodafone Fiji ATH Foundation handed over grants to three charities in the Northern division

Vodafone Fiji ATH Foundation’s Executive Ambalika said, “The Foundation has been focusing on entrepreneurial activities and income generation projects for the needy, as well as involving more women and youth groups. Five hundred women and youth groups in Fiji have benefited from these grants over the past five years.

The Northern Charity Alliance president was grateful for the generous grant of $20,000 and expressed his gratitude for the support. "Through Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation’s support we have been able to accomplish our main aim of reaching out and assisting the vulnerable communities throughout Northern Division. The Alliance's community-integrated projects aim to empower social and economic development in our communities and change lives, especially in these challenging times. The Foundation has helped us support many educational, youth and women focused projects over the years. Their continued support makes a world of difference in the lives of the needy, said Jagat Prasad, Northern Charity Alliance Treasurer.

"We have supported a wide range of projects over the years, including digitalizing charities and providing water, sanitation, and hygiene. In addition to funding passionate volunteers to work in the community, we also funded projects related to health, the environment, education and the Mobile for Good and Beyond Funder programs. There is a continual effort to identify projects that are not only focused on community enhancement and development, but also have multiplier and replica effects. This means benefits are passed on to larger, vulnerable communities", said Devi.

The Head Teacher of Koroinasolo Village School Tomasi Uluiviti was present to receive the grant of $2,500 for the mEducation project for his school. "Koro is a remote school, so they have been looking for ways to ensure their students can connect to the world wide web. The grant will benefit both children and schools. The school will be purchasing tablets for its students. The Head Teacher expressed what an asset it would be to the school and thanked

the Foundation for the grant. He also thanked the Foundation for the work done by the Foundation over the years in helping the communities in Fiji.

Arunesh Vishwa, Manager North for Vodafone Fiji, said that "the work of our Foundation has been at the core of what we do since the beginning of our philanthropic arm to give back to the Vanua. As we work to transform communities into smarter and more connected ones, we also ensure that we meet the priority needs of the communities".

Etta Milly Rasovo, President of UduPoint Women's Initiative describes what the $5,000 grant means for their charity project. Having 23 members from 2 settlements and 3 villages; Naivuai, Udurara, Vunikodi, Nabauono and Nukudamu; the fund will support our women's initiative to purchase an outboard engine to do fishing. Using the same, the women will be able to generate revenue and transport supplies to and from Labasa Town. We are over 1 hour away from the Labasa Landing by boat, and it takes 4 and a half hours by bus from our home. If we hire a boat the return costs us about $300, shared Rasovo. The grant will provide a significant benefit to the communities by improving their livelihoods. It is with great gratitude that we acknowledge the support of the Foundation.

The Vodafone Fiji ATH Foundation has invested $30 million in social investment since its inception in 2004, primarily through its World of Difference initiatives and multitude of charity projects.


About Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation was formed as a registered charity in 2004 to foster corporate social responsibility and catalytic philanthropic giving. The major programmes include Mobile for Good, Sustainable Funding, World of Difference, Beyond Funder and Double your Dollar. At the heart of our Foundation is our vision for a stronger and connected Vanua whereby we utilize our people, technology and talents to do social good.


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