Vodafone Fiji Warns Customers Against Scams, Fraudulent  Schemes and Promotion

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Monday, 14th August, 2023

Vodafone Fiji wishes to inform its customers that there has been a rise in scams targeting innocent individuals with promises of quick and substantial financial gains.

These fraudulent schemes often disguise themselves as legitimate investment and job opportunities or business ventures, luring individuals with enticing promotions and promises of high returns. Consumers need to remain vigilant about such schemes and exercise caution to safeguard their hard-earned money and financial well-being.

Customers have been defrauded through various types of scams such as giving out their M-PAiSA account details to unknown callers, responding to texts not from 181, engaging in pyramid schemes and promotional activities on social media pages that have been set up solely to defraud them. Unscrupulous actors even go to the extent of creating counterfeit Facebook pages, utilizing imagery from our official Vodafone Fiji Facebook page. They employ direct messaging using OTP Apps, such as Viber and WhatsApp, to disseminate misleading promotions to unsuspecting customers. It is essential to clarify that Vodafone Fiji categorically disassociates itself from any involvement in such schemes or promotional undertakings through unfamiliar and fabricated social media profiles.

Vodafone Fiji is committed to safeguarding its customers from malicious activities. We emphatically state that counterfeit social media posts, deceptive phone calls, and messages sent via Viber and WhatsApp are in no way supported or facilitated by our company. We encourage customers who have any doubts regarding any promotion, particularly those that seem too good to be true, to reach out to our dedicated 24/7 free Customer Care helpline for clarification.

Vodafone Fiji also advises that it does not affiliate with "EbayShop Online Recruitment” or any cryptocurrency investment schemes. Members of the public also need to be aware that cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual currencies or digital currencies, are not legal tender in Fiji.

Our commitment to customer security is unwavering. Recognizing the growing threat, we have recently updated our M-PAiSA security measures to protect users from unauthorised access to their accounts. This is a necessary security upgrade after recent reports of increased incidences of M-PAiSA customers being targeted by scammers. The upgrade will provide an added layer of security to the registered M-PAiSA Account holder by ensuring only their verified mobile device linked to the M-PAiSA Account will be able to login to the M-PAiSA App. This is an essential security upgrade to protect the M-PAiSA users’ funds.

The updated security feature will bolster the overall security of the M-PAiSA platform and safeguard M-PAiSA users from potentially fraudulent activities.

Customers are urged to remain vigilant about evolving forms of fraud and exercise caution whenever engaging in promotions and schemes online or through calls and messages.



For further information contact:
Media RelationsHead of E-Commerce
fozia.muktar@vodafone.com.fj shailendra.prasad@vodafone.com.fj

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