Vodafone Fiji Acknowledges MSMEs



Monday 27th June, 2022

The UN general Assembly has designated 27th June as World MSME Day. It is to recognize the immense contribution the MSME sector currently makes and has the potential to make towards the UN 2030 agenda and the achievement of the sustainable development goals.



Vodafone’s Head of eCommerce and Digital Financial Services, Shailendra Prasad, said "Micro and Small Medium Enterprises contribute significantly to innovation, job creation, and productivity in any economy. They offer a diverse range of services and provide opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, especially women and youth to venture into the business world. In an economy of our size, MSME’s provide employment opportunities to many Fijians”.

Prasad explained, the theme for this year’s World MSME day is Resilient Recovery. It recognizes the crucial role of the MSME sector in economic recovery post COVID-19 and beyond in building resilient economies. 

“We at Vodafone are assisting this sector through digital platforms such as VitiKart and M-PAiSA to provide a secure and cost-effective platform to trade online opening a wider customer base they could not access before. We invite all MSME’s who wish to come onboard VitiKart or adopt M-PAiSA as digital payment option to contact our team”, said Prasad.

He also wished all MSME’s a Happy World MSME Day, acknowledging their contributions to the betterment of the economy and welcomed the new entrants to the MSMEs sector.

Vodafone Fiji offers customers the convenience of cashless payments through M-PAiSA, its mobile payment service. VitiKart, on the other hand, offers consumers the opportunity to purchase goods from anywhere in Fiji with the option to have it delivered directly to their homes.

For further information contact:
Media RelationsHead of E-Commerce
fozia.muktar@vodafone.com.fj shailendra.prasad@vodafone.com.fj

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