Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill with Vodafone Fiji Business Accounts Manager Epeli Raivoka

Thursday, 18th April, 2024

Vodafone Fiji has been officially endorsed as the Technology Sponsor for Tourism Fiji’s upcoming 2024 Fiji Tourism Exchange (FTE). This partnership with Tourism Fiji impresses Vodafone Fiji’s expertise and contribution to the technological aspects of the event.

We are thrilled to extend our support for FTE, a pivotal event for our tourism sector, bringing together international trade, media and local tourism operators in one location to stage a variety of Fiji’s tourism products, create business opportunities and fortify comradery.  FTE presents a superb opportunity for Vodafone Fiji to showcase its Suite of Business Solutions, that compliments the tourism industry in providing top-notch services to our visitors. This underpins our position as industry leaders in telecommunication and digital services,” stated Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rajnesh Prasad.

“We are excited to have Vodafone come on board once again as the Technology Sponsor for FTE. Embracing the future of tourism in Fiji means integrating cutting-edge technology to elevate visitor experiences and uphold sustainable practices. With Vodafone's expertise, we are poised to realize these objectives, ensuring a top-tier event for all involved. We have long standing commitments with Vodafone and are very proud to continue to work with them to showcase Fiji's unique culture, hospitality, and natural beauty to the world,” stated Tourism Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer, Brent Hill.

Prasad further stated, “As Tourism Fiji's Technology Partner, we are dedicated to providing all Expo attendees, organizers and participants, with seamless connectivity, that will allow them to discover more about Fiji and make the most of this prestigious event.”

Vodafone’s Business Accounts Manager, Mr. Epeli Raivoka who attended the formal handover this morning at the Tourism Fiji Office, added, that following the success of last year’s event, Vodafone Fiji anticipates that this year’s event will be even greater. Our partnership will create further opportunities for future collaboration towards promoting Fiji as a premier tourist destination.  

 “As we grow year on year, having Vodafone as our esteemed technology partner plays a pivotal role in amplifying the reach and impact of Fijian Tourism Exchange 2024. Their expertise and innovation empower us to connect with travelers worldwide. In this increasingly digitized world, we aim to bring world-class events experience at FTE 2024,” highlighted Brent Hill.

The FTE will be held from May 5th – 7th 2024 on Denarau island.

Read more about the Expo: https://corporate.fiji.travel/fiji-tourism-exchange 

For further information contact:
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adriu.vakarau@vodafone.com.fj shailendra.prasad@vodafone.com.fj

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