Pilot black and grey water treatment systems for communities and school to reduce environmental degradation risk


Friday, 13 October, 2023

“Building Community Resilience to Climate Change through Civil Society Action” [CRCC] project is a 3-year project funded by the European Union which aims to improve governance and promote inclusive development in Fiji.

The action has been implemented by Lead Applicant Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation together with three Co-Applicants; Dialogue Fiji, Pacific Centre for Peace Building and femLINKpacific.

The overall objective of the action is to address the adverse effects of climate change, reduce disaster risk and achieve resilience and sustainable development in Fiji. The focus is to build capacities of Civil Society Organizations and communities to effectively participate in policy and decision making and to raise awareness on issues related to climate change. It also seeks to demystify the conversations on climate change that are happening at sub-national, national and international levels to local level communities.

The action recognizes that communities need to take ownership of the interventions necessary to build resilience and address the impacts of climate change. In addition, the communities need to be closely involved in activities aimed at promoting circular economy and minimizing wastages, harnessing indigenous knowledge on climate change, and to become strong proponents of environmental conservation.

Implemented by Rotary Pacific Water for Life Foundation, funded by European Union and co-financed by VaiWai Natural Artesian Water and Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation, piloting of black and grey water treatment systems at Wainiyavu Primary School is in line with the Rural Water and Sanitation Policy of the Water and Sewage Department, as well as with Outcome 7 of the Ministry of Health’s Strategic Plan. This activity piloted black and grey water treatment systems to reduce environmental degradation risk. RPW has been working closely with National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited (NIWA) and Eco-Engineering Ltd, who have developed the KoroSAN guideline to upgrade its existing sanitation guideline to ensure efficient and effective treatment of black water discharge from sanitation system.

Wainiyavu Primary School Sanitation Project was selected in consultation with the Ministry of Health, Department of Water and Sewerage (DWS), Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) and Provincial Administrators after which a thorough assessment of the site was conducted for specific project design. The activity entailed building sanitation system and providing black and grey water treatment solutions. The project noted the construction of 10 units in total that includes 6 sanitation unit (3 for males and 3 for females), 2 units with shower facilities and 2 disability friendly units The disability friendly units are the first ever unit constructed for a school in the whole of Namosi Province.

The facility will benefit 124 students and 6 staff members of the school. The project in view of mitigating climate change impact is one of the environmentally friendly ways of discharging black and grey water to avoid environment contamination and associated hazards


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