Navola Youth Club Receives $2500 Boost



Monday 22 January, 2018

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation handed over $2500 to Navola Youth Club which is in the vicinity of Vatukarasa in Tikina Komave, located on the Coral Coast highway. 

“The youths were all at the farm when the Vodafone Fiji Foundation team visited the village”, said the Foundation Executive, Ms. Ambalika Devi Prakash. 

“Yaqona, banana, dalo, vegetables and other cash crops are the center of this year's plans. We have other projects running simultaneously but we are focusing on yaqona and cash crop farming opposite the village on the hills”, said the Youth Leader, Mr. Waisale Rerega 

From the $2500 given by Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation, the Navola youth will purchase chain saw, farming implements, yaqona suckers, and other seeds, said the Club’s Treasurer Selina Siqadrodro. 

The funds will help increase the cultivation of the lands which will increase the farming projects that we have to enable us to generate revenue for example yaqona cassava dalo etc. The produce from farming project will be supplied to nearby hotels and also we will sell at Sigatoka market, said Mr. Rerega. 

The time and effort invested by the youths consistently will be profitable to Navola Youth and will contribute immensely to our village he said. 

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation will visiting the village again to provide financial literacy, project management, social media and storytelling training, said Ms Prakash. Through our funding to the many women’s and youth clubs across the country we encourage constructive investment of time and effort for sustainable community livelihood, she said. 

Through visiting villages we are also able to identify further needs and link them to proper institutes. Not only this we also help the various clubs to market the product and service through mportal which also shares information pertaining to projects undertaken by them, said Ms. Prakash. 


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