Vodafone Reaffirmed Support for the 2018 Tebara Carnival



Tuesday 24 April, 2018

Vodafone Fiji reaffirmed its support to the Tebara Carnival for the 3rd successive year after signing of the sponsorship agreement between the Festival Committee and Vodafone today.

“Our contribution back to the community unparalleled in the country and is driven largely by our passion for the community.  It’s about doing business with a purpose of making a real difference to peoples’ lives.  That’s is when you get complete satisfaction if you can put a smile on peoples’ faces through your business activities and act of goodwill through corporate social responblity.  We are passionate about what we do - be it business or corporate good.  We put our heart and soul in delivering nothing but the best. It’s our corporate identity,” Mr. Shailendra Prasad, the Acting Chief Marketing officer of Vodafone Fiji. 

Tebara Carnival Chairman Lagesh Prasad, acknowledged the support from Vodafone, saying “sponsors play a crucial role in facilitating our event. We thank Vodafone for their continued partnership and support in financing and event. We have been able to stage successful carnivals for the people and the money raised has been put to good use for community projects in Nausori.

The carnival will be officially launched this Saturday for the people around the Rewa and Naitasiri Province.
“The carnivals not only provide the people of the districts to converge  at the festival venues for fun and food but carries important messages through the theme of festival that is advocated by the contestants  through their costume, song and dance, art and culture and through their talent show,’ said Prasad.

This year’s carnival will create more awareness on the theme “Our Environment, Our Future” and will be held in Syria Park in Nausori from the 12th to 19th May.

Vodafone is a strong advocate of sustainable development through minimal impact to the environment.  Through our sponsorships and the Vodafone Foundation, we have supported a number of environmental projects such as the ridge to reef programs, raising awareness on climate change, land degradation, coral reef conservation, ocean ambassadoring, disaster preparedness, mangrove planting, plastic waste management and organic farming  and to saving our rivers, sea and ocean.

Our Vodafone World of Difference candidates work closely with the number of community’s community to ensure that what we do is environmentally safe and sustainable and holistically addresses development with environmental sustainability.

We urge the queens as roles models to lead by example in bringing to life the festival theme. Utilize the platform to strongly advocate on the theme and raise awareness on issues such as land degradation, indiscriminate burning, poor deforestation and the need for reforestation.  Promoting the concept of separating solid waste and the age old environmental concept of reduce reuse and recycle. 


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