Barber shop cuts it with M-PAiSA



Wednesday 10 June, 2020

Paying for a haircut is now as easy as walking into the barbershop and scanning a QR Pay code with your mobile phone. Paying through M-PAiSA was launched during a demonstration by Trims Hair Saloon by its Managing Director Mr Bimal Chand, “This payment method is very easy and simple to use. Most of my customers have welcomed cashless payment and are already using it. This has eased the congestion with customers coming straight into my shop and on to a chair for their hair cut. With the remote payment option through M-PAISA, my customers can pay in advance and make an appointment on the exact slot they prefer.  This way, I am able to better utilize my time so that customers are attended to in a more efficient manner and they do not all come at one time.  I also operate multiple shops and cashless payment through M-PAISA means there is less risk of mishandling of cash since the money reaches my bank account. There is also no issues such as looking for change since the payment is exact and electronic.”

Trims Executive Hair Cut has two outlets operating at Marist Plaza and Raiwaqa. “Cashless payment through mobile is still fairly new but the younger and more tech savvy are already in fully conversant on how these work. They see this as cool and trendy and I am happy to offer a “cool cut” with M-PAISA,’ said Bimal. I would highly recommend to any businesses to take on this cashless payment option which is quick, safe and easy 

 “The benefit of QR payment is quickly being realized by business who have adopted this payment platform. Since, the launch in October last year, many businesses have rushed onboard the cashless mobile payment method especially with lockdowns and COVID risks. It’s the ideal solution with no handling of cash and complete transparency and accountability;’ said Head of Vodafone eCommerce and Corporate Affairs, Mr Shailendra Prasad

“The launch of QR payments is an important milestone in the evolution of the digital payment ecosystem in Fiji.  Vodafone Fiji was the first to introduce QR pay in Fiji.  It’s created a ubiquitous and widely accessible, secure, convenient and cost-effective cashless payment system for everyone. The good news for consumers is that QR payments via M-PAISA are available absolutely free.  So when you make a payment using M-PAiSA QR, you do not pay a single cent in extra charges or fees. The M-PAiSA App is also zero-rated for data charges which means as a user you will not incur any data charges for using the M-PAiSA App,” added Mr.Prasad.

Along with the QR Pay, Vodafone Fiji had enhanced its M-PAiSA mobile wallet with a new App that provides users with a much richer experience. The App can be downloaded free of charge through Play store for android users and on Appstore by iPhone users simply by typing “M-PAiSA” to search. As an introductory offer, when you download the M-PAiSA App, you will receive 1 GB free data from Vodafone.


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